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"Trans Traffic" provides business telephone (voice) communication in a completely new format - format NGN-telephony. NGN-telephony "Trans Traffic" - a unique combination of convenience and accessibility of the classical fixed telephony and NGN-modern voice solutions.

Flexibility, functionality and performance of modern communication technologies are now available in combination with the familiar childhood handset!

Benefits Telephony "Trans Traffic":

  • Kiev direct phone numbers 377-XXX-7 and 377-5-XXX
  • Lack of territorial depending on the location of your office. Your phone lines can be moved to any point (other office, apartment, even in a cafe, where Wi-Fi-access to the Internet ) almost instantly. No lengthy perekrossirovok calls and installers!
  • Potentially unlimited capacity of simultaneous connections. No matter how many people simultaneously talking on the phone in your office. You will always be able to make or receive another call. Lines are always more than you use!
  • Your own telephone exchange (virtual PBX) with unlimited possibilities. Own call-center, auto attendant, voice and Forwarders planners always at hand! Just wish any new opportunity, and you can get it!
  • Limitless flexibility architecture corporate telephone network. Create your own additional numbers with unlimited hierarchy, run the procedure call managers, fix any statistics. Your corporate telephone network - under your full control!
  • Connection - 1 working day! (In the presence of a supportive network infrastructure in your building)
  • Flexible and friendly tariff policy. The possibility of reducing the initial investment while using data services from "Trans Traffic".

Contact info

Sales: (044) 227-01-23, (044) 227-06-56, (067) 327-01-23, (067) 323-73-93  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical Support: (044) 229-53-79, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address:  Kiev, Vladimirskaya, 77A, 205 - E-net on map

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