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Today, high-speed fiber optic Internet from home is becoming an integral part of life, especially in the capital. Cost normal user experience once all his dignity, and he simply can not work with restrictions on speed and volume of traffic.

However, acceptable to date rate can not provide any wireless Internet connection - from both mobile operators and via satellite systems. Also extremely slow data transfer, such methods require the purchase of expensive modems.Thus through the RF channel is not normally "get through" no movie or a more or less volume program. And it does not benefit and a small part of all the benefits that today can be learned from the World Wide Web.

Version of "telephone" even Internet via ADSL technology only slightly improves the situation. In this case, the modem is also required. More recently, the most high-speed internet home business was considered a cable network based on copper cable.

Of course, these lines served as a breakthrough in internet connection speed, however, and they already go into yesterday. Copper cable has a limit on the number of connected subscribers. He makes at great length in a line significant losses, especially at high frequencies, so the harder build up speed, the farther the user from site. Moreover, outside of residential buildings on the telephone cables laid sewer into which the water and degrades the quality of the connection.

Today, the most competitive and high-speed Internet is FTTB (Fiber to the Building). This system is based on the use of optical fibers , in which the signal propagates substantially lossless and not susceptible to external influences.Fiber is deployed to the apartment building where the signal is split through the terminal to each subscriber, entering the apartment is on the usual cable.

It is this kind of connection to your home Internet we offer - the company "Trans Traffic".

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