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Business Internet

Provide access to the Internet for offices, business centers and major corporate clients we offer connectivity via fiber-optic communication lines (fiber optic). The main advantage of fiber-optic channels is high quality, reliability and scalability. Optical communication lines virtually unaffected by external factors, leading to deterioration of communication quality.связи. High bandwidth allows client connections at speeds of 1 Mb / s to 1 Gb / s, as well as provide additional telecommunications services .

Corporate Networks

With a large number of remote offices, especially in the wide geography of their location, the urgent problem of fast, reliable and efficient exchange of information. The best solution would be the union of far-flung offices into a single protected corporate network with a full range of telecommunication services.

The main objectives of the corporate network are reacting system applications access to remote users. Therefore, the corporate network, as a rule, is a geographically distributed, ie combining offices, units and other structures located at a considerable distance from each other. Often corporate network nodes are located in different cities and sometimes countries.

The main problem that must be addressed when creating a corporate network - Establishment of communication channels. Our company organizes and performs the entire cycle of turnkey works, using his wealth of experience. In each case, an individual approach, the optimal solution is selected. "Trans Traffic" offers solutions to merge branches using dedicated channels into a single framework using technology VPN (Virtual Private Network). The network is based on fiber-optic lines, has high bandwidth with full redundancy of all elements.

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