What we do

  • Connecting to the Internet via our own fiber optic network
  • Hosting  services with professional service
  • Providing the most advanced hardware resources and channels to dedicated servers
  • Creation and maintenance of corporate networks
  • IP-telephony

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How we do

  • Our staff have extensive experience in networking technologies and equipment
  • Our technical support staff is always quick to respond to all customer inquiries
  • We have the most modern equipment for the organization and maintenance of networks of any complexity
  • Courtesy and respect - these are the main qualities of our managers and engineers


  • Specialists for temporary or permanent IT-service of your organization
  • Repair of computer equipment
  • Creating web sites of any complexity, domain registration, SEO service
  • Design, development and support of computer networks

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Access to the Internet over a fiber optic link around the clock and is a reliable connection to the global network information space.

We believe that customer traffic count - wrong policy, which should be left in the past, because from the very beginning of our activity we offer our clients access to the Internet exclusively unlimited traffic. You buy bandwidth, not bytes.

Our company offers two main options for cooperation: the Internet for individuals and for organizations .

Creating a corporate network

Corporate network - high-speed data, based on the optical backbone network that is able to unite distant from each other offices of your company together.

Corporate network enables the rapid exchange of relevant information between all company representatives (databases, accounting, warehouse, etc.). Experience shows that after the introduction of such technology, the company becomes more flexible, more mobile, more efficient.

Transport channels

Transport channel - a dedicated communication channel between two points, which runs through our fiber-optic backbone. Different variants of transport - OSI Layer 3, OSI Layer 2, Q-in-Q.

The "heart" of our fiber network is in the center of Kiev, which allows to consider all options for the transport channels and corporate networks.


Using our own fiber optic network resources to connect to the Internet, we are at a high level serviced Offices wide variety of organizations, as well as a large number of individuals. We fight for each client and always find a solution to any problem.

Contact info

Sales: (044) 227-01-23, (044) 227-06-56, (067) 327-01-23, (067) 323-73-93  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical Support: (044) 229-53-79, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address:  Kiev, Vladimirskaya, 77A, 205 - E-net on map

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